Changing Destination

Fusing Art and Science to Address Environmental Challenges

About Changing Destination
Changing Destination is an artistic research project that serves as a beacon, shining a spotlight on the pressing issue of environmental refugees. Through a fusion of diverse artistic mediums, this project seamlessly marries science and art, offering an educational yet captivating journey. At its core, Changing Destination is an invitation to engage with narratives that guide us towards lasting solutions in the face of climate breakdown.

A Two-Part Exploration
Changing Destination embarked on its journey with two distinctive but interconnected components: “The Conscious Dinner Party” series and “The Game That Won’t Entertain.” The dinner series served as a catalyst for engaging individuals in the project’s discourse, creating a space for dialogue and shared understanding. Meanwhile, “The Game” unveils the intricate web of ecological footprints, revealing how one person’s choices can ripple through and impact another’s environment. It’s a powerful reminder that seeing is believing.

Since its inception, Changing Destination has evolved into a multifaceted project that continues to expand its horizons. The introduction of “The Essence of Balance,” a second art installation, adds another layer to the project’s narrative. Moreover, the project is continually exploring new avenues and initiatives, with a wealth of exciting projects currently in development.

We are currently working on a second edition of the ‘Conscious Dinner Party’ series and ‘The Game’ that won’t entertain. Follow us on facebook and instagram to keep updated on the project.

Refest Los Angeles 2019 / CultureHub Los Angeles / NAVEL, Los Angeles
Stråtfëst The Night / Kunstennacht / The School, Hasselt
Graduation Show / Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design / Maastricht
Conscious Dinner Party / Maison Florida / The School, Hasselt
Souper Festival / Maison Florida / The School, Hasselt