The Conscious Dinner Party Series 1 

Bringing Environmental Conversations to the Table

About “The Conscious Dinner Party Series 1”
As part of the expansive artistic research project ‘Changing Destination,’ we introduce you to “The Conscious Dinner Party Series 1.” This unique project comprises a five-part dinner series, each one designed to foster meaningful discussions on critical topics related to the environment, climate refugees, and the ever-pressing issue of climate breakdown. Our ultimate aim is to initiate conversations among people in an informal and engaging manner.

A Three-Part Feast for Thought
A “Conscious Dinner Party” is more than just a meal; it’s a journey of exploration. Each dinner experience consists of three distinct parts. First, indulge in a sumptuous three-course meal carefully crafted to be sustainable, vegan, and seasonally inspired. Then, engage in enlightening discussions centered on educational topics. Finally, participate in an intriguing experiment linked to the second part of ‘Changing Destination’—’The Game That Won’t Entertain.’

Our series unfolded over five unique dinners, each held every two months. What began as an intimate gathering at home with close friends has now expanded to larger-scale dinners at various locations. With every installment, we strive to broaden the scope of our impact.

The heart of “The Conscious Dinner Party” lies in its discussions. During the dinner, participants engage in two rounds of conversation, each centered on documents provided two weeks prior. Additionally, attendees are assigned one of five distinct characters, each loosely inspired by real-life individuals:

  1. Greenpeace Activist
  2. Left-wing Politician
  3. Scientist
  4. Lobbyist for Major Oil Company
  5. Right-wing Voter

These characters offer diverse perspectives to enrich the dialogue. Discussion groups, limited to five or six participants, have 20 minutes per round. In the first round, they champion the viewpoint of their assigned character; in the second, they speak from their own perspective. The evening culminates with satisfied appetites and the opportunity to commit to a one-month sustainability challenge.

We are currently working on a second edition of the ‘Conscious Dinner Party’ series. Follow us on facebook and instagram to keep updated on the project.