The Game That Won’t Entertain – Changing Destinations through Artistic Research

Discovering the Impact of Your Lifestyle

About “The Game That Won’t Entertain”
Part of the immersive artistic research project ‘Changing Destination,’ “The Game That Won’t Entertain” challenges conventional notions of gaming. It’s not your typical game, and it won’t provide entertainment in the traditional sense. Instead, it sets out on a profound mission: to visualize the ecological footprint of one person and reveal the interconnectedness of our lifestyles with the world around us.

A Living World Within the Game
Step into a world within the game, a living organism influenced by the ecological impact of its players. Drawing inspiration from the current living conditions of the Canadian Inuit, this virtual realm serves as the backdrop for our journey. Players are invited to input their own lifestyle choices by responding to a series of eight questions. Among these, two are test questions that won’t sway the world. The remaining six questions, however, are intricately linked to various aspects of this living world – air pollution, water pollution, temperature fluctuations, rising sea levels, food sources, and shelter.

“The Game That Won’t Entertain” offers a unique opportunity to witness the ripple effect of our choices on the environment and the lives of those who inhabit it, both human and animal alike. With each question, players gain insights into why and how their answers shape this virtual ecosystem. By the end, players unlock sustainable, long-term solutions, discovering how their lifestyles could be more environmentally responsible.

Pledging for Change
As the game progresses, players are presented with an opportunity to make a tangible impact. They can commit to a one-month challenge aimed at implementing an ecological change that could save another person’s life. This interactive installation transcends traditional gaming to foster awareness, reflection, and action.

We are currently working on a second edition of ‘The Game’ that won’t entertain. Follow us on facebook and instagram to keep updated on the project.