The Essence of Balance – A Journey of Reflection

Exploring Life’s Harmonious Equilibrium

About The Essence of Balance
In March 2021, we unveiled the captivating installation known as The Essence of Balance at the Souper Festival. The response was nothing short of remarkable, as visitors were invited to pause, contemplate, and reflect upon the profound aspects of life and its true priorities.

Before you lies a table adorned with objects and activities, each representing facets of your life that hold significance. The Essence of Balance beckons you to stand still in the present moment, to take stock of the tapestry of your life. Is there harmony? Or does the relentless rush of life make balance seem like an elusive dream? This installation embodies the art of giving and taking—a reminder that life’s balance hinges on the choices we make.

As you stand before this tableau of life, it’s an opportunity to tally the ultimate score. Can true equilibrium be attained in your journey.

The essence of balance is part of our ongoing project ‘Changing Destination‘.