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Empowering Museums with Affordable Interactive Experiences

About Verhaalkabaal
Verhaalkabaal is a digital platform designed to empower smaller museums with enhanced digital interaction capabilities in their exhibitions and educational programs, all while remaining budget-friendly. At the heart of Verhaalkabaal lies a user-friendly, step-by-step playbook, thoughtfully crafted to simplify the process of creating immersive, interactive stories around exhibitions. Our focus is currently directed towards crafting engaging narratives tailored for elementary and high school students.

Every module within our platform, whether it’s questions, quests, alternative storylines through choices, or the storyteller feature, is meticulously designed to align with government-established learning objectives and pedagogical methods. Verhaalkabaal seamlessly merges art, history, and education into captivating digital experiences. The platform equips educators and curators with the means to captivate young minds while adhering to established educational guidelines.

Are you interested in this project? We are currently in the developing phase and are looking for partners to start a pilot!