‘Stille kracht’ exposition – War Within the Human

Exploring the World of War Testimonies

In a world filled with stories, there’s rarely one that cuts as deep as that of war victims. “Silent Strength – War Within the Human” is our most memorable project, where we’ve captured and shared a treasure trove of invaluable stories. This project takes you on an emotional journey to an era steeped in uncertainty and courage, seen through the eyes of those who lived it.

During World War II, young adults in Limburg found themselves involuntarily entangled in a conflict that changed the world. ‘Stille Kracht’ shines a spotlight on these ordinary people who did extraordinary things to survive. The project tells the stories of children in wartime, from sheltering from bombings to harboring underground refugees. It’s a tribute to their resilience, determination, and humanity.

Our Contribution
As storytellers with a passion for capturing the human side of history, we brought these stories to life through poignant video interviews. Our mission was to make the survivors’ voices resonate and preserve their memories for future generations. These interviews are a time capsule of emotions. This project was made for ‘Museum van de Vrouw‘.