Project omschrijving

Gebruikerstest De Rollende Zatlap

Coming soon
Hold tight as our Roaring Staff is working their magic to bring you a brand new captivating game!

Project in short
Rollende Zatlap is an interactive drinking game based on an old dutch game, knikkeren! This game is a long time idea we had and we thought, why not?!

Project description
The aim of the game is to guide your drunks (the marbles) safely back home. On the way you or your team can get fines for public intoxication or sleeping on the sidewalk. If you’re lucky you can give a fine to another team. The first team to get all of their drunks back to bed is the winner of the game.

Due to COVID restriction we’re a little set back. Hit us up if you’re interested in getting an invite to our next playtest!