AVA – An Interactive Exploration of Shy Bladder Syndrome

Venturing into the World of Paruresis

About AVA
AVA stands as a unique interactive installation that delves into the enigmatic realm of shy bladder syndrome, also known as paruresis. This compelling project was born as part of the MAMDT Talent Program in 2016.

With a team of two, we embarked on a creative journey to craft a game that would immerse players in the world of paruresis. Our focus extended to various aspects of the condition, including sound, smell, and privacy. The game’s mechanics are driven by RFID tags on various items, requiring players to communicate effectively to scan the correct objects. The ultimate objective? To navigate the bathroom experience just as anyone else would, with one intriguing twist—a persistent voice, embodying the essence of paruresis, attempts to divert players from successfully completing the game.

Before crafting the concept and bringing the interactive installation to life, we dedicated ourselves to comprehensive research on paruresis. We conducted a focus group, engaging individuals who experienced paruresis at varying levels. Subsequently, we invited them, along with passersby, to test the installation. The reactions from all groups were hearteningly positive. Participants expressed that the interactive installation authentically recreated the feelings associated with the condition, allowing them to empathize with the challenges of paruresis.

AVA is a thought-provoking exploration that endeavors to foster empathy and understanding. It invites participants to step into the shoes of those affected by shy bladder syndrome, offering a unique and immersive perspective on an often-misunderstood condition.